MRP Seamans Passport Application Form[STEP 1]

Approved Application Service Provider

* Compulsory fields

General Information
Help: Last name Enter all surnames as listed in your official identity document. If only one name is listed in your official identity document enter that surname. Please avoid placing suffixes with your surname.
Help: First name Enter first name as listed in your official identity document.
Help: Date of birth Date of Birth should be dd/mm/yyyy format.
Help: National Identity Number (NIN) Please enter National Identity Number (NIN) of exact 11 characters.
Help: Place of birth Place of birth refers to the name of the province, territory or country in which the person was born.
Contact Information
Help: Contact phone Contact phone should be like (e.g. +1234567891).
Help: Email Email Address should be like (e.g. ).
* I hereby declare that I am a Nigerian Citizen and apply for a Nigerian Seaman's Certificate of Identity and that the particulars I am about to furnish in the course of this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
I make this application on 23-April-2022.